Monday, January 19, 2009

t_bones Rock Candy Experiement

(for the most part, these are T's words transposed by Dad)

Hypothesis :

Putting less sugar on the stick when making rock candy will make larger candy

If we put no sugar on one stick, a little suger on one stick, and a lot of suger on one stick, the stick with the least sugar should grow the biggest.


  • 3 sticks
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Pan/Pot
  • Jar
  • wire or string to hand sticks

Redo materials

  • 3 Pieces of String
  • 2 sizes of Sugar
  • Water
  • Pan/Pot
  • Jar

1. Procedure:
Make the rock candy Solution
  • Boil 2 parts sugar to 1 part water
  • stir constantly
  • as soon as liquid is clear, remove from heat

  • Let cool
  • pour into jar.
  • suspend rock candy sticks/string into jar
2. Mark the sticks with a number for which has most and least sugar
  • 1- no
  • 2 - little
  • 3 - Most sugar

3. Put Sugar on Sticks

4. Hang sticks in Sugar water


Day 3:
1. stick 3: bumpy looking like a crystal : Above water
2. stick 3: nothing below water
3. stick 1: nothing

Note: we are going to retry it again, because rock candy is not growing.

Re-Do of experiment. (TODO: Type in Tylers Notes)

Day 5:
The rock candy wasn't growing so we are going to redo the experiment again


1. We are going to redo it with string
2. Two sizes of sugar . 
- One String no sugar,
- One string with small sugar
- One string with Chunky sugar
3. Same Hypothesis: Putting less sugar on the string
when making rock candy will make larger candy

Day 8:


1. The ones that have sugar on it are growing at the same time.
2. The one with no sugar is not growing
3. The blue one is a little bigger

Day 10:

The one that has no sugar was growing an iceburg on top of the water

Day 12:


1. The white and blue is growing straight crystals
2. The blue is chunkier
3. The white one is clear
4. The one with no sugar has a little bit of sugar on the


1. Our Hypothesis was wrong

2. The Blue one was the biggest

3. The blue one had the most sugar to begin with

So, If you want to grow the biggest Rock Candy, you use
string and start with a lot sugar on the string.